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Who We Are

Chen International is the designer and manufacturer of Kasa products. We are two generations of women entrepreneurs bridging the West and Asia since 1978. We are your trusted partner who can source products for you domestically and overseas. We are easy to work with, and we stand behind our promises.

customer service​

Ask our helpful sales representatives to update you about our most current selections and features. Prompt delivery? No problem. Stock orders are shipped the same day and personalized orders are turned around in 5 to 10 days. Want a volume discount? Besides the every-day competitive prices, we extend many discount options.​


Bold, fun patterns and elegant, classical designs, Kasa umbrellas are available in automatic or manual, stick, folding or mini. Whether it's rainy, sunny or snowy, your customers will discover a medley of just-right umbrellas.


So sure about Kasa's workmanship, we bet our bottom line on it. In fact, we offer 100% guarantee on all Kasa products.


Need something we don't carry? We'll search for it from one of our many local or international sources. Want to coordinate with today? latest fashion trends? You can count on us to anticipate innovative lines and fresh styles to complement our basics.